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2010 Ending On A High Note Tour
Dec 4th, 2010: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Dec 3rd, 2010: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Dec 2nd, 2010: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Nov 30th, 2010: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Nov 27th, 2010: U.K., London (Wembley Arena)
Nov 26th, 2010: U.K., Bournemouth (BIC)
Nov 25th, 2010: U.K., Cardiff (CIA)
Nov 23rd, 2010: U.K., Sheffield (Sheffield Arena)
Nov 21st, 2010: U.K., Nottingham (Trent FM Arena)
Nov 20th, 2010: U.K., Manchester (MEN Arena)
Nov 19th, 2010: U.K., Birmingham (LG Arena)
Nov 17th, 2010: U.K., Glasgow (Clyde Auditorium)
Nov 16th, 2010: U.K., Newcastle (Metro Radio Arena)
Nov 15th, 2010: U.K., Brighton (The Brighton Centre)
Nov 11th, 2010: Russia, St.Petersburg (Ice Palace)
Nov 9th, 2010: Russia, Moscow (Olimpiiskiy)
Nov 6th, 2010: Belarus, Minsk ()
Nov 4th, 2010: Ukraine, Kiev ()
Nov 2nd, 2010: Lithuania, Vilnius (Siemens Arena)
Nov 1st, 2010: Latvia, Riga (Arena Riga)
Oct 29th, 2010: Germany, Berlin (O2 World)
Oct 28th, 2010: Germany, Hamburg (Color Line Arena)
Oct 26th, 2010: Germany, Mannheim (SAP Arena)
Oct 25th, 2010: Germany, Braunschweig (Volkswagen Halle)
Oct 23rd, 2010: Germany, Rostock (Stadthalle Rostock)
Oct 22nd, 2010: Germany, Leipzig (Arena Leipzig)
Oct 21st, 2010: Germany, Nurnberg (Arena Nurnberger Versicherung)
Oct 19th, 2010: Germany, Stuttgart (Porsche-Arena)
Oct 18th, 2010: Germany, Munchen (Olympiahalle Munchen)
Oct 17th, 2010: Switzerland, Basel (St. Jakobshalle )
Oct 15th, 2010: Spain, Barcelona (St. Jordi Club)
Oct 14th, 2010: Spain, Madrid (Palacio Vista Alegre)
Oct 12th, 2010: France, Paris (Le Zenith)
Oct 11th, 2010: Belgium, Brussels (Forest National)
Oct 10th, 2010: Holland, Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall)
Oct 8th, 2010: U.K., London (Royal Albert Hall)
Sep 11th, 2010: Norway, Kristiansand (Sør Arena, Kristiansand)
Sep 4th, 2010: Norway, Trondheim (Lerkendal Stadium)
Sep 3rd, 2010: Norway, Tromsø (Døgnvill Festival)
Sep 2nd, 2010: Norway, Stavanger (Rått og Råde Festival)
Aug 28th, 2010: Norway, Bergen (Brann Stadium)
Aug 21st, 2010: Norway, Oslo (Ullevaal Stadium)
Aug 8th, 2010: Japan, Osaka (Summer Sonic 2010)
Aug 7th, 2010: Japan, Tokyo (Summer Sonic 2010)
Jul 25th, 2010: Germany, Dresden (Filmnachte am Elbufer)
Jul 24th, 2010: Germany, Halle (Gerry Weber Stadion)
Jul 23rd, 2010: Germany, Emmendingen (Schlossplatz)
Jul 18th, 2010: Germany, Salem (Schloss Salem)
Jul 17th, 2010: Switzerland, Zurich (Dolder )
Jul 16th, 2010: Austria, Linz (Clam Castle)
Jul 14th, 2010: Hungary, Budapest (Papp Lszlo Sportarena)
Jun 1st, 2010: Germany, Kiel (Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel)
May 30th, 2010: Germany, Hessentag (Stadtallendorf)
May 28th, 2010: Germany, Monchengladbach (Warsteiner HockeyPark)
May 16th, 2010: U.S.A., Los Angeles (Club Nokia)
May 15th, 2010: U.S.A., Los Angeles (Club Nokia)
May 13th, 2010: U.S.A., Chicago (Riviera)
May 10th, 2010: Canada, Toronto (Massey Hall)
May 8th, 2010: U.S.A., New York (Nokia Theatre)
May 7th, 2010: U.S.A., New York (Nokia Theatre)
May 6th, 2010: U.S.A., New York (Nokia Theatre)
Mar 23rd, 2010: Chile, Santiago (TBA)
Mar 20th, 2010: Brazil, Fortaleza (Siara Hall)
Mar 18th, 2010: Brazil, Recife (Chevrolet Hall)
Mar 16th, 2010: Brazil, Brazilia (Ginasio Nilson Nelson)
Mar 14th, 2010: Brazil, Belo Horizonte (Chevrolet Hall)
Mar 13th, 2010: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (Citibank Hall)
Mar 10th, 2010: Brazil, So Paulo (Credicard Hall)
Mar 9th, 2010: Brazil, Bauru (Alameda Quality Center)
Mar 4th, 2010: Argentina, Buenos Aires (Luna Park)

2009 Asian Tour
Nov 25th, 2009: Japan, Tokyo (JCB Hall)

2009 European Tour
Nov 22nd, 2009: Russia, Moscow (Olimpiysky)
Nov 20th, 2009: Russia, St.Petersburg (Ice Palace)
Nov 17th, 2009: Poland, Lodz (Hala Arena)
Nov 16th, 2009: Germany, Erfurt (Messehalle)
Nov 14th, 2009: Germany, Hannover (TUI Arena)
Nov 12th, 2009: Germany, Oberhausen (Kønig Pilsener Arena)
Nov 11th, 2009: Belgium, Brussels (Ancienne Belgique)
Nov 10th, 2009: France, Paris (Bobino)
Nov 7th, 2009: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Nov 6th, 2009: Norway, Oslo (Oslo Spektrum)
Nov 4th, 2009: United Kingdom, London (O2 Arena)
Nov 3rd, 2009: United Kingdom, Manchester (MEN Arena)
Nov 2nd, 2009: United Kingdom, Birmingham (NIA)
Oct 31st, 2009: Germany, Frankfurt (Festhalle)
Oct 30th, 2009: Germany, Hamburg (Color Line Arena)
Oct 28th, 2009: Germany, Berlin (O2 Arena)
Oct 27th, 2009: Germany, Koln (Lanxess Arena)

New Pop Festival
Sep 19th, 2009: Germany, Baden-Baden (Festspielhaus)

iTunes Live Festival
Jul 24th, 2009: United Kingdom, London (The Roundhouse)

2010 Ending On A High Note Tour
May 29th, 2009: Germany, Trier (Arena Trier)

Pepsi Music Festival
Mar 28th, 2009: Chile, Santiago (Movistar Arena )

2009 South American Tour
Mar 26th, 2009: Brazil, Rio De Janeiro (Citibank Hall )
Mar 25th, 2009: Brazil, Sao Paolo (Credicard Hall )

Special evening with Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F
May 24th, 2008: United Kingdom, London (Royal Albert Hall)
May 22nd, 2008: Norway, Oslo (Rockefeller Music Hall)
May 21st, 2008: Norway, Oslo (Rockefeller Music Hall)
May 20th, 2008: Norway, Oslo (Rockefeller Music Hall)

free concert
Sep 15th, 2007: Germany, Kiel (city port open air)

yet Analogue tour
Sep 1st, 2007: Norway, Haugesund (Haraldsvang Amfi)
Aug 25th, 2007: Norway, Tromso (Alfheim Stadium)
Aug 17th, 2007: Norway, Fredrikstad (Fredrikstad Stadium)

Analogue tour
Nov 11th, 2006: Russia, Moscow (Olimpiisky Palace)
Nov 10th, 2006: Russia, St.Petersburg (Ice Palace)
Nov 8th, 2006: Russia, Rostov-on-Don (Sports Palace)
Nov 7th, 2006: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod (Nagorny Sports Palace)
Nov 5th, 2006: Russia, Ufa (Sports Palace)
Nov 4th, 2006: Russia, Ekaterinburg (Sport Palace)
Nov 2nd, 2006: Russia, Kazan (Basket Hall)
Nov 1st, 2006: Russia, Samara (CSKA VVS Arena)
Oct 28th, 2006: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk (Sports Palace)
Oct 26th, 2006: Ukraine, Kiev (Sport Palace)

Sommergarten Open Air 2006
Aug 31st, 2006: Germany, Berlin (open air)

Analogue tour
Aug 26th, 2006: Norway, Ålesund (Color Line Stadium)
Aug 25th, 2006: Norway, Trondheim (Rosenborg's Stadium Lerkendal)

Dock Rock
Jul 19th, 2006: U.K., London (Royal Victoria Dock)

Summer Pops
Jul 16th, 2006: U.K., Liverpool (Kings Dock)

Jul 15th, 2006: U.K., Guildford (Stoke Park)

Festival de Via del Mar 2006
Feb 24th, 2006: Chile, Via del Mar (Quinta Vergara)

Analogue tour
Feb 2nd, 2006: U.K., London (Shepherds Bush Empire)
Dec 11th, 2005: U.K., Cardiff (Cardiff Arena)
Dec 10th, 2005: U.K., Brighton (Brighton Centre)
Dec 9th, 2005: U.K., Nottingham (Nottingham Arena)
Dec 7th, 2005: U.K., London (Wembley Arena)
Dec 6th, 2005: U.K., Manchester (MEN)
Dec 4th, 2005: U.K., Glasgow (Clyde Auditorium)
Dec 3rd, 2005: U.K., Birmingham (NEC)
Nov 30th, 2005: Germany, Rostock (Stadthalle)
Nov 29th, 2005: Germany, Dresden (Messehalle)
Nov 28th, 2005: Germany, Stuttgart (Schleyerhalle)
Nov 26th, 2005: Germany, Friedrichshafen (Messehalle)
Nov 25th, 2005: Germany, Munich (Olimpiahalle)
Nov 23rd, 2005: Germany, Hamburg (Color Line Arena)
Nov 22nd, 2005: Germany, Magdeburg (Boerdelandhalle)
Nov 20th, 2005: Germany, Berlin (Arena Treptow)
Nov 19th, 2005: Germany, Frankfurt (Jahrhunderthalle)
Nov 16th, 2005: Switzerland, Basel (AVO Session)
Nov 14th, 2005: France, Paris (Le Grand Prix)
Nov 13th, 2005: Belgium, Brussels (Forest National)
Nov 11th, 2005: Austria, Vienna (Wiener Stadthalle)
Nov 5th, 2005: Greece, Thessaloniki (unknown)
Nov 3rd, 2005: Greece, Athens (unknown)
Oct 29th, 2005: Germany, Cologne (Kolnarena)

Promo concert
Sep 12th, 2005: U.S.A., New York (Irving Plaza)

Hydro's Centennial Festival
Aug 27th, 2005: Norway, Oslo (Frognerparken)

"Live 8" show
Jul 2nd, 2005: Germany, Berlin (Street of June, 17th)

Rock under Broen festival
Jun 12th, 2004: Denmark, Middelfart (open air)

Folk Festival
Jun 4th, 2004: Norway, Bergen (Bergen bay)

Uka-03 festival
Nov 4th, 2003: Norway, Trondheim (open air ??)
Nov 3rd, 2003: Norway, Trondheim (open air ??)

Russian Tour 2003
Nov 2nd, 2003: Russia, Moscow (Kremlin palace)
Nov 1st, 2003: Russia, Moscow (Kremlin palace)
Oct 31st, 2003: Russia, St.-Petersburg (Ledoviy palace)
Oct 29th, 2003: Ukraine, Odessa (Palace of sports)
Oct 28th, 2003: Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine palace)
Oct 27th, 2003: Russia, Novosibirsk (Sibir palace)

Lifelines Tour
Dec 13th, 2002: Germany, Wolfsburg (Vfl Wolfsburg Stadium)
Dec 7th, 2002: Austria, Zell-am-See (Zeller Eishalle)
Oct 16th, 2002: Ireland, Dublin (The Point)
Oct 15th, 2002: U.K., Glasgow (Clyde)
Oct 14th, 2002: U.K., Birmingham (NIA)
Oct 12th, 2002: U.K., London (Wembley)
Oct 11th, 2002: U.K., Manchester (Appolo)
Oct 10th, 2002: U.K., Manchester (Appolo)
Oct 8th, 2002: Holland, Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall)
Oct 7th, 2002: France, Paris (Zenith)
Oct 5th, 2002: Spain, Madrid (La Riviera)
Oct 4th, 2002: Spain, Barcelona (Razzmatazz)
Oct 2nd, 2002: Switzerland, Zurich (Hallenstadion)
Oct 1st, 2002: Germany, Frankfurt (Festhalle)
Sep 29th, 2002: Germany, Hamburg (Sporthalle)
Sep 28th, 2002: Germany, Berlin (Velodrom)
Sep 27th, 2002: Germany, Bremen (Stadthalle)
Sep 24th, 2002: Germany, Oberhausen (Konig-Pilsener-Arena)
Sep 23rd, 2002: Germany, Koln (Kolnarena)
Sep 22nd, 2002: Germany, Hannover (Eilenriedehalle)
Sep 21st, 2002: Germany, Halle (Gerry-Weber-Stadion)
Sep 19th, 2002: Germany, Nurnberg (Arena)
Sep 18th, 2002: Germany, Stuttgart (Schleyerhalle)
Sep 17th, 2002: Germany, Munchen (Olimpiahalle)
Sep 15th, 2002: Germany, Leipzig (Arena)
Sep 11th, 2002: Poland, Warshaw (Tor Stegny (Skating Rink))
Sep 10th, 2002: Lithuania, Vilnius (Zalgirio Sports Stadium)
Sep 8th, 2002: Latvia, Riga (Skonto Stadium)
Sep 7th, 2002: Estonia, Tallinn (Open Air Fest Square)
Aug 20th, 2002: Brazil, Porto Alegre (_unknown_)
Aug 17th, 2002: Brazil, Barretos (Rodeio de Barretos)
Aug 16th, 2002: Brazil, Rio De Janero (ATL Hall)
Aug 15th, 2002: Brazil, Sao Paolo (Credicard Hall)
Aug 14th, 2002: Brazil, Sao Paolo (Credicard Hall)
Jun 30th, 2002: Belorussia, Minsk (Dinamo)
Jun 28th, 2002: Russia, Moscow (Olimpiyskii)
Jun 25th, 2002: U.K., London (Royal Albert Hall)
Jun 19th, 2002: France, Paris (Casino de Paris)
Jun 18th, 2002: Belgium, Brussels (Ancienne Belgique)
Jun 17th, 2002: Holland, Utrecht (Muziekcentrum)
Jun 15th, 2002: Denmark, Aarhus (Train)
Jun 14th, 2002: Denmark, Copenhagen (Vega)
Jun 13th, 2002: Sweden, Stockholm (Arena)
Jun 11th, 2002: Finland, Helsinki (House of Culture )
Jun 8th, 2002: Norway, Oslo (Ullevaal Stadium)

Skanderborg Festival
Aug 10th, 2001: Denmark, Skanderborg (open air)

SWR Festival
Jul 7th, 2001: Germany, Stuttgart (open air)

Jun 30th, 2001: Norway, Langesund (Krogshavn)

Sound Arena Rock Festival
Jun 23rd, 2001: Switzerland, Wohlen (open air)

Rock im Park Festival
Jun 3rd, 2001: Germany, Nurnberg (open air)

Rock am Ring Festival
Jun 2nd, 2001: Germany, Nurburg (open air)

Mar 25th, 2001: Norway, Olso (Valhall)
Mar 24th, 2001: Norway, Oslo (Valhall)
Mar 21st, 2001: Estonia, Tallinn (Linna Hall)
Mar 20th, 2001: Russia, St.-Petersburg (Ledoviy)
Mar 18th, 2001: Russia, Moscow (Olympiisky)
Dec 1st, 2000: Germany, Braunschweig (VW Halle)
Nov 30th, 2000: Germany, Stuttgart (Schleyerhalle)
Nov 29th, 2000: Germany, Frankfurt (Festhalle)
Nov 28th, 2000: Germany, Oberhausen (Arena)
Nov 26th, 2000: Germany, Munich (Olympiahalle)
Nov 25th, 2000: Germany, Berlin (Velodrom)
Nov 24th, 2000: Germany, Hamburg (Sporthalle)
Nov 18th, 2000: Japan, Shizuoka (Bunka-Hall)
Nov 16th, 2000: Japan, Sendai (Ken-Min-Hall)
Nov 14th, 2000: Japan, Tokyo (Intl. Forum)
Nov 13th, 2000: Japan, Tokyo (Kosei-Nenkin)
Nov 11th, 2000: Japan, Hiroshima (Yobin-Chokin)
Nov 10th, 2000: Japan, Fukuoka (Zepp)
Nov 8th, 2000: Japan, Osaka (Kosei-Nenkin Hall)


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