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a-ha have announced the end of musical career. Do you think it's the real end?  results

What's your favourite song from the new a-ha album?  results

Which of already known a-ha songs you'd like to see as the second single from the new album?  results

Do you like the new a-ha single "Foot of the mountain"?  results

What's your favourite new a-ha song?  results

Would Mark Saunders become the driving force to bring A-ha to the new level?  results

Who did better with his last solo album?  results

Will you be at the special evening gigs?  results

In 2007 turns 10 years. Was this site helpful for you these years? :)  results

Have you been at a-ha "Analogue Tour" gig?  results

Would you like to hear songs from side projects of the band members on Analogue Tour?  results

Should a-ha mix set lists from gig to gig?  results

From which album you prefer to hear most of the songs on Analogue tour?  results

The best songwriting on "Analogue" made by  results

Your favourite song on "Analogue" album is  results

Do you feel Morten Harket sings with full abilities of his voice on a-ha albums "Analogue" and "Lifelines"?  results

What song will be the second single from "Analogue" a-ha album?  results

What do you think about "Celice" song?  results

You feel the Live 8 a-ha performance was  results

Would you like the new a-ha album to be released as double CD?  results

What kind of music is most wanted for you on the next a-ha album?  results

Will Magne be big in UK?  results

What's the most important a-ha related event of 2004 for you?  results

Will you buy new "SINGLES: 1984-2004" compilation?  results

What's the most important thing for you in  results

Would you like to have Morten Harket's album of covers like "Can't take my eyes off of you", "Love of my life" and many others?  results

What do you expect from the next a-ha album?  results

What is the most expected thing for you regarding a-ha and Universal Records contract?  results

It's a...  results

Who is the leader of "Savoy" band?  results

What CD will be released earlier?  results

What should a-ha do to promote their music in UK and USA?  results

Do you believe in Santa Claus? :)  results

Is female back vocals really important for a-ha live performance?  results

What's your favourite a-ha tour?  results

What do you expect from the next Morten Harket solo album?  results

Will you be on the Russian Tour 2003 events?  results

A-ha have songs for 2 albums. What should they do?  results

The latest a-ha album "Lifelines" is ...  results

Which a-ha member's solo project is the most successful one?  results

Where are you from?  results

Should a-ha invite any producers for their next studio album?  results

How long have you been with a-ha?  results

What's your favourite a-ha album?  results

What's your age?  results


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