invitation to participation from magne f

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invitation to participation from magne f

Сообщение Ingunn 06 май 2007, 12:47

Взято с блога Магне на myspace.
Ну как, у кого есть желание поучаствовать?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Dear friends,

I was once the proud owner of a rather impressive collection of beautifully hand-crafted, slightly eerie 'Mags-dolls' back in the 80's, produced by very talented and very dedicated a-ha fans.

After my kids over time have destroyed most of these (what kids growing up wouldn't jump at the chance to rip their father's head off on occasion), many years have passed before I now find myself missing these fabric(ated) versions of me.

Hence I have decided to invite you all to take part in a new work to be shown as installation at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Norway (, end of August 2007.

Make a 'Mags-doll' and send it to me!

Knit or sow to your hearts content; improve what needs to improving, fix what needs fixing - straighten out my fashion-sense (kimono or tacky norwegian knitted sweater is my personal fave) get the hair right finally, enlarge the whatever parts that may need enlarging, make 80's Mags, fat Mags, bearded Mags (ouch!), with or without instrument, whatever and however you want!

Basically, feel free to create me in your own image.

The only restrictions are that it must be a stuffed doll (made mainly from fabric) and with a maximum-size of 1:1. Large dolls are good, almost all sizes appreciated, but perhaps not extremely small - no smaller than a 'regular' doll.

This is definitely an offer you can refuse.
As the smarter ones among you no doubt have figured out, this is merely a clever ploy to make you all work for me for free. For those who would still like to participate,
I thank you, and promise to credit each maker of the dolls I use with name (or not, if you so wish) in appropriate relation to the work. I will also make a web gallery of the dolls you have sent with credits.

Other than that I assert the exclusive and all rights to use or not for artistic purposes, in any way that I see fit. This means you give it to me - period. If I decide to sell them for charity or profit, alter them, or just keep them for myself, you accept this.

To be considered for this project the dolls must be in hand by the beginning of August. Multiple entries are allowed ;)

Please ensure that your package does not contain restricted or illegal material.

Clearly mark the shipment 'original artwork belonging to artist' and send your doll(s) by post to:

a-ha network AS
Brenneriveien 11
0182 Oslo

Imagine if you will - a room full of Magses...
now there's something the world was doing fine without!

in order to avoid even more confusion;
anything from six inches to six feet is welcome
Все фигня, кроме пчел... Хотя, если подумать, то пчелы - это такая фигня!


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Сообщение Annette 06 май 2007, 15:15

Обязательно поучаствую! Такое нельзя пропустить.


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