a dot of blackness

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a dot of blackness

Сообщение Ellll 31 май 2006, 13:06

+++ форвард начало++++
Sunday, May 28, 2006

new song

For you, oh loyal myspace friends
Is it a demo, is it a track in the making, is it a finished masterpiece..?
Who cares , it's music.

Since you've already had the lyric a little while now, and some of you have been second-guessing
the melodious implications, this seemed the best track to bonus out your way.
Rough and ready....eh, like you like it.

I didn't know this would end up being on a new solo record until quite recently, but then i did not know
I was making another one until just recently. Hope you like, there's more where that came from.
Happy holidays from George (co-prodder), Jonny (bass), Frode (drums) and;

yours truly - hard in all the wrong places
magne f
+++форвард конец+++
(с) MySpace.com

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Сообщение Annette 31 май 2006, 14:05

Супер. Как и всё остальное. :wink:


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Сообщение ann 02 июн 2006, 16:18

Классная песня, просто замечательная.
Третий день слушаю, нравится все больше.
Он там обещает, вроде, еще выложить новенького, красотища!


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