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Помогите, пожайлуста найти тексты и переводы на песни сольника Morten Harket " Wild Seed". Буду очень благодарен !!!

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A Kind Of Cristmas Card
(Morten Harket/Havard Rem)

All the folks back home
I never tell you this?
You're not supposed to know
Where you daughter is?
There are ways of life
You never understood
It's right here downtown Hollywood
It's afternoon on Sunset Boulevard
I've got a stolen moment trying hard
To write a kind of Christmas card

But I am burning out again
Tonight there is fever in my veins

All the love you gave
I guess thre's really nohting
Nothing much to save
This place is dirty as I feel myself
There are still some riches
At the Roosevelt
That evening prayer
Those memories
In my little bedroom,mama,on my knees
That's where I'm at
Down in Los Angeles
And I am burning out again
And I must rise about the shame
Tonight there's fever in my veins
Just think of the girl I used to be
You were my age once,mama
I can still hear some of the songs you used to play
From that sommer of love in '68
Seems it turned into a winter of hate
And I am burning out again

(Morten Harket/Havard Rem/Torstein Flakne)

Must have been walking
Don't know this place
Somebody stopped talking
Is it written in my face
Thought I'd never leave you
Thought I'd never dare
But I watched you going under
That's a thought I could not bear
Five thousand miles I'm away from you
drifting by spanish steps tonight
guess you got my number
Guess you got my line
Guess you got my number
Should I be on your mind
Late at night your footsteps
Barefoot on the floor
Tender eyes from sleeping
In the darkness corridor
I come up the stairway
My naked enemy
Come stumbling towards me
Wish I could set you free

(Morten Harket/Ole Sverre Olsen)

Half in love half in hate
Someone told me it is late
late on earth he said, maybe
Late in you
And late in me
darker than it has to be
Tell me just another lie
Now we're woven under loe
Tell me there's no other
I am a child
Be my mother
If you lie,babe
If you bother
Since you raised that all around you
Since I lost you
I have found you strange
And I could sewar for sure
Haven't seen this girl before
Half in love and half at war
Hey, you look strange
Everything you do
Girl it seems arranged
Dark words drift away
I have nothing more to say

Soon the moon will rise
And in this stony night
I have to see your face
See the lines that make you old
Stony silence, touched by gold
Everything's too late
Too late for love and suddenly
Too late for hate

There's only one thing left to do
I have to face this other you

(Morten Harket)

As you pour youself a scotch
Crush a roach or check your watch
As your hands adjust your tie
People die

In town with funny names
Hit by bullets,caught in flames
By and large not knowing why people die
And in small places you don't know of
Yet big haveing chance of scream
Or say goddbye
People die

Let me know...

People die as you elect
New apostles of neglect,self restraint
Whereby people die
Too far off to practice love
For thy neighbour,brother Slav
Where you cherubs dread to fly
People die

Let me know...

While statues disagree
Cain's version,history for it fuel tends to buy
Those who die

As you watch the athletes score
Or check your latest statment
Or sing a child lullaby
People die

Time ,those sharp,bloddthirsty quill
Parts the killed from those who kill
Will pronounce the latter tribe
As your tipe

(Morten Harket)

Are you holding the key
Was it you that put a lock on my door
Who sent you
Are you deep as the sea
Well it takes a deep womb
To shelter me

I can hold you ,girl
Watch your heart settle down
Feels like home
But I lost somehow
God made you beautiful
I made you cry
So listen ,babe
The sun's is going down
You know waht I mean
There ain't much time
Cos we're wild seed ,girl
And this land's being farmer
You know a farmer takes great prie
In what he leaves behind
God made you beautiful
I made you cry

(Morten Harket/Ole Sverre Olsen)

You waited for me
When I was strong
You never called
You waited long
Now I'm coming back
To sleep with you
You love me still
I love you, too
You kept the house
I could not keep
you kissed good night
And went to sleep
Now I come back
To sleep with you
You love me still
I love you,too

Come with me
to that room by the sea
With view and the moon of Los Angeles
You're beautiful back then,
God you beautiful now
Come with me
Yeah, I was strong
I had no choice
The kids grew up
And left the house
But I come back
To sleep with you
You love still
I love you,too

(Morten Harket/Geir Kolbu
Henning Kramer Dahl/Havard Rem)

Sandalwood trees are evergreen
Cut them down
Plant coffee beans
Build no schools
Construct no roads
Mark them as fools
Let ignorance rule
Leave them stranded on their island
Treat them to the tune of silence
Red is the cross that covers our shame
Every kingdom,every land
Has its hart in the common man
Silently the tide shifts the sand
Bury my herat on East -Timor
In coral sands
On golden shores
Buiried are those who lived their lives
No place to hide
For father and child
Leave them stranded on their island
Traat them to the tune of silence
We shake our hands that kill and forgive
Every kingdom,every land
Has its hart in the common man
Silently the tide shifts the sand
Bury my heart on East-Timor
On barren graves
Where flowers won't frow
Blooms our Red cross lovingly
This nightgale deed
So we can be free
Stranded on their island
This army of the silent
we toast our own goodwill and forget
Every kingdom,every land
Has its hart in the common man
Silently the tide shifts the sand

(Morten Harket/Havard Rem)

Lay me down tonight I'm falling deep
I'm tired ,now I'll sleep
So close my eyes and take me in
I'll leap into the night like wind
I leave my body,leave my sword
So lay me down
Father Lord
Lay me down tonight ,my heart is weak
Much you give and much you seek
I'll fall into a sea of sleep
Sea of dream so red and deep
I leave my spirit ,leave my words
So lay me down
Mother earth

Lay me down tonight ,I'm giving in
Let the works of life begin
Your words of chance,words of grace
Creation Lord, in your own pace
Word to flesh and flesh to word
Father Lord,Mother Earth

(Morten Harket/Havard Rem)

Sleep,my love ,sleep
Or look up at the sky
Returning from its deep
See the moon go down
Watch the sun come 'round
Tell me what you see
Sleep,my love,sleep
Look into a world
You can no longer reach
Time's no one way track
There's no direction back
But when you're dreaming
Tell me what you see
Sleep, my love,sleep
Like you slept with with me
When a world was a dream
That we believed
It was near
It was far
It answered to the stars
No one's have been so closed to me
What did you see?
Tell me what you see

(Morten Harket/Havard Rem)
I say it as a friend
He can handle the daylight
But the night has its way
Touch him
like no onde did before
No fingerprints on the dew
So stay
Wherever you do
Watch him laughing
He can't help it
He sees through the eyes of a child
When he sees you
The town you came from
You say you would like to leave
Then say
Where you gonna be
Do you see me
In your sleep?
The dream you're dreaming
Please be gentle, be gentle
There's can be no other
Down so deep
Do you see me
Do you know how to keep

So stay...

(Morten Harket/Havard Rem)

If that is your name
I'm afraid I beyond
Honour and shame
There's nothing special
I would like to say
Must of the time I've been okay
I know I may need you someday
It's long since I heard from Thee
Lord, it's long you heard from me
There's nothing special I would like to say
Most of the time I've been okay
I know I'm gonna need you someday
Why you put me,Lord,on this road of lost
from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust
There's nothing special that I would like to say
most of time I've been okay
You know I will need you someday

(Andrew Gold/Graham Gouldman)

On the streets bellow this walls
Where I used to talk
Now I can barely crawl
All this darkness raising tall

Lord,shine a light for me
I'm waiting to be called

I'm ready to go home
I'm ready to receive forgiveness for my sins
I'm ready to begin

Take this river to the sea
Where delta flows
The tide is washing over me
Take this soul to heaven's door

Show me where tomorrow lies
I'm waiting to be born

I'm ready to lay down
I'm ready now to sleep
A promnise I must keep
I'm ready to go home

So tired, I lay down with this memories
I breathe shallow deep inside of me

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Прям некоторые буквы похожи на русские :smile:

СообщениеДобавлено: 16 мар 2003, 14:35
Даже школьных знаний хватит, чтобы ухватить содержание текстов мортеновского сольника. Ну возьмите словарь в руки, на худой конец.
Переводы были на сайте http://www.a-ha-music.ru ,но сейчас туда не подступиться.

СообщениеДобавлено: 17 мар 2003, 05:35
Ой, нет это я попытался пошутить - но уже 2день корю себя за это...

СообщениеДобавлено: 17 мар 2003, 13:31
ß-òî äóìàëà, òû ñâîè ïåðåâîäû ïðåäëîæèøü. :smile:

Âîçìîæíî, îá ýòîé ñâîåé øóòêå ÿ òîæå ïîæàëåþ...

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А как вам встреченные мной когда-то переводы "spenish steps"? - "очарованный твоей испанской походкой" :grin: (это времен кого? :lol: ) , или вот так: "дрейфую, выполняя па испанского танца" . Моя подружка Рейчел заценила вариант про лестницу или некие ступеньки. и потом эта тема появляется в песне еще раз "I come up the stairways..."

СообщениеДобавлено: 20 мар 2003, 05:47
On 2003-03-17 10:31, Lily wrote:
Я-то думала, ты свои переводы предложишь. :smile:

Возможно, об этой своей шутке я тоже пожалею...

Lily - даже не настаивай, а то если об этом долго думать, оно может и случиться :smile:

СообщениеДобавлено: 20 мар 2003, 14:29
Нет, пожалуйста, не наааада переводов. Ну только если в стиле Biland: забавные какие-нить. А так - не наааадо, please!