Сольник наконец-то выйдет в начале 2008 г!!

Давайте обсудим сольную карьеру Мортена Харкета.

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Сольник наконец-то выйдет в начале 2008 г!!

Сообщение Lucky 24 окт 2007, 21:01

The title for the upcoming album is "Letter from Egypt".
New single will realesed (on radio?) in two weeks. The album will be
realesed early next year. The new single will probably be a cover by
the the norwegian group Locomotives.. The original title is "My
woman". But Morten's sligthly rewritten version will probably be
named "Movies".
This info is taken from VG, the norwegian newspaper..
The title for the exclusive interview is: 100% proud of a-ha :)


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Сообщение Lucky 24 окт 2007, 21:02

Here is a translation of the interview with Morten in paper edition of VG:

- 100% PROUD OF A-HA
.... but now Morten Harket wants to fight on his own

Oslo/London (VG): Twelve years after his first
[international] solo album, Morten Harket takes a
self-imposed truce from the ongoing war with his
a-ha-brothers to fight creatively with just one person
- himself.

- My experience is that all creativity is about trying
to find the balance between order and chaos - the
point of intersection where things start to break
apart, enabling things to be created. That's how it is
for me now, as a solo artist, and those mechanisms are
the same for a band, Harket says in this exclusive

Now he's entering into the creative war alone. Because
he's also in the middle of a war when he's together
with Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen in a-ha.
He says so himself.

- Of course we are at war! That's why we're here. But
the media seems uninterested in what's actually
happening, he says.

Morten Harket's new solo single is coming in a couple
of weeks. The album will be ready early next year. He
shakes his head in resignation when talking about the
Norwegian media's fascination with any conflicts
between the a-ha members when the band is on a break.

- Misses the target
- That ever-present discussion about friendship
completely misses the target. a-ha has never been
about friendship. But that doesn't mean that we aren't
friends! We just don't need to sit on each other's
laps to know that.

Harket is referring to media stories about inner
conflicts in the band before the release of almost all
the a-ha albums - conflicts that quite simply are
necessary conflicts of opinion in any creative
process, he feels.

- There are so many strong, divergent views within the
band. Therein lies the weakness of a-ha. Our potential
can be reduced to only those things that all three of
us can agree on. We'll end up polishing something that
hasn't completely emerged yet, Morten Harket says.

- The dynamic within a-ha is hard, sharp, strong, dead
boring, dominant and at times submissive, but it needs
to be there. It isn't by chance that the three of us
make up a-ha. All artists enter into a strong state of
agitation, and seek toward the point of chaos where
everything nearly breakes apart, in order to create
something that completely lives up to its full

- a-ha haven't managed to reach that point yet?
- No, absolutely not. But there is reason to believe
that we can reach it!

- Does that mean that you aren't 100% satisfied with
any of the a-ha albums?
- None of us are. But I am 100% proud of the band and
what we have achieved. And we're still working on it.
But it isn't a pretty sight, and it shouldn't be
either, Harket says with a smile.

Proud Harket
Twelve years after the [international] solo debut
"Wild Seed", he now has enough songs to fill at least
two more albums in addition to the upcoming album
"Letter From Egypt". This will be an international
release, just like "Wild Seed" was originally supposed
to be.

- I am proud of "Wild Seed", but it originally dealt
with very provocative themes, not least because of
"Gospel From A Heathen". That song ended up being
removed from the album, because of nervous reactions
in the Warner-system. With my own experience, I could
also see dangerous signals about dissolution within
Warner Music internationally. I understood that the
album was going to be lost, so I withdrew it [from
more promotion]. I didn't want to go down that route,
even though I had just been to Mexico, received a
great response and been upgraded to Warner's main
priority in Latin America, the 48-year old says.

Early in 1998, Morten Harket was ready with the
follow-up to "Wild Seed". Right until the Nobel
concert producer Odd Arvid StrЬmstad managed to
convince a-ha to perform for the first time in four

- We were in reality way too busy with our own
projects. There was nothing to indicate that we would
re-form. We were tricked back together in a peculiar
way, Harket says with a smile.

- The response from the audience was totally
unexpected - it had such a warmth, a feeling of them
reaching out to us, like an attempt to make contact.
There was a respect in that. Unexpectedly, Magne then
took a trip over to Paul in New York and started to
mess around with some demos. That was the start of it.
When the three of us met each other with the right
chemistry, it would be wrong of me not to contribute
my part. So I chose to wholeheartedly devote myself to
a-ha again back then, and suddenly it turned into a
new 8-year period!

Standing in front of a new, international solo
release, this time on Universal Music, he feels a good
tingling in his body.

- It feels like I have been in a monastery for twelve
years. Now it's time to step out into the light again
and continue what I started on back then.

Norwegian song
Morten Harket's first single will probably be a cover
version of a song by the Norwegian band Locomotives.

It was originally entitled "My Woman" and can be found
on the Locomotives album "Albert" from 1999. Morten
Harket's slightly re-written version may be called
"Movies". He first met Locomotives by chance on the
street in Trondheim already in the early nineties.

- I was struck by how they had "dreams" painted across
their faces. They were high on enthusiasm and energy.
"My Woman" was among the songs they played for me, and
I thought: Wow, this feels like my song!, Harket says.

Right afterwards, he went home to write a song on his
own as a direct response to the one that Locomotives
had played for him.

That's how "A Kind Of Christmas Card" was born -
Morten Harket's big single success from the "Wild
Seed"-album in 1995.

Photo caption 1:
- I am interested in pop music that stimulates beyond
just the instant feeling. That's what challenging
about pop music, says Morten Harket, who goes solo
again. Last week he visited photographer Jim Lee in
London to take new pictures in connection with "Letter
From Egypt". The album will be released early next

Photo caption 2:
- The album could just as well have been called
"Letter From The Future", says Morten Harket about
"Letter From Egypt". Here he's in make-up with Adam de
Cruz before a photo session in London.

Interview by Stein ьstbЬ.
Translation by Jakob.

Если кто-то че не понял - обращайтесь - переведу.


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Эта тема уже обсуждается здесь.
the bigger you get
the smaller you feel
the more you believe
the less it is real(c)magne f


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