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Sophie Ellis-Bextor хотела бы работать с Мортеном

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Posh pop is back
Wednesday, 08 Aug 2007 17:09

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back with her third album, Trip The Light Fantastic

The queen of glitter ball pop talks to's Martin Ashplant about motherhood, getting back on the touring bike and what its like to be one of the poshest singers in town.

You know you're getting on a bit when Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a girl you remember coming from nowhere to keep Victoria Beckham off the top of the charts at the dawn of the new millennium, starts talking about being a mum, making a comeback and knocking on the door of 30. But at least some things don't change; Ellis-Bextor still does glam-pop with aplomb and retains the sultry, ever-so-slightly raspy, voice that made it so easy for the tabloids to dub her as posher than Posh.

Ellis-Bextor is back with her third album, Trip The Light Fantastic, which has been almost universally well-received after she took a brief hiatus to get married and have a child. "Not bad for someone who does disco-pop," she duly notes. She's spent much of the early summer supporting George Michael and is set to embark on her first solo tour for more than four years

"I can't wait, I'm really looking forward to it," she says in that alluring manner which has almost certainly disarmed a thousand men the world over. "For me the live thing is what I do. When I think about being singer that's what it is all about really and the rest is peripheral."

The daughter of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, she's no stranger to being in the limelight and her marriage to Richard Jones, the bassist in the Feeling, has only increased her stock in the eyes of tabloid photographers. She doesn't seem all that bothered by the attention, though, and says she and her husband see it as little more than "a giggle"

Indeed, listening to the 28-year-old speak, you'd think little could upset her for too long. She readily admits that she has been "a bit jammy" to have found success and enjoyed it for a decade and is more than willing to use that to her advantage by working with some of her favourite artists, whether it be the Manics, Blur's Alex James or Cathy Dennis. She's also planning to hook up with Calvin Harris, Carly Simon, and Morten Harket from A-ha in the near future, which will be "lovely", a word that crops up time and again, not least when she talks about how her comeback album has gone down with the critics.
"I know reviews are not the be-all and end-all but it's always nice that people have listened to the album and said 'yes, we think this is good'," she says.

Mojo magazine recently dubbed Ellis-Bextor the "woman with the poshest vowels in pop", while she also had the dubious honour of being listed up there with Chris De Burgh and Dido in the Observer Music Monthly's top ten poshest people in music. Again, though, she's rather nonplussed.

"I've never really been in a big hurry to confirm or distil any rumours of reputation that I have," she says, after a brief pause to receive a package and politely wish the deliverer a good day. "If people want to think I'm really posh then fine, whatever."

So what does motivate Ms Ellis-Bextor? She's "got a life outside her music" now with marriage and motherhood to contend with and although "not quite ancient", she's well out of Kate Nash/Lilly Allen territory but not yet into the realms of that empress of disco, Kylie. Maybe there's a clue when she talks about her favourite song "from when I was tiny", Mickey by Toni Basil.

"It's sexy and stompy and immediate and a lot of the best pop songs are about fancying someone and trying to get them to notice you," she swoons. "I love the fact that it was sung by someone who wasn't 19 and I think we sometimes we get a bit caught up by the myth that pop music is something just for the young. Actually sometimes when a woman who has had a bit more life experience sings about wanting something they can't have makes it all the more potent."

Bextor's third single from the album is out now, she's been seen on BBC's Dance-X of late and she's suddenly very much back in the glare of the media again, with photos of her and her husband adorning newspapers more and more frequently. So is it all worth it?

"If you work in something creative you always think that the best is still yet to come, that's what motivates anyone really. You've got to believe it's still out there and I certainly don't feel I've achieved all I can do yet.

"It's all out there and it's all in your hands. You never know, tomorrow I might write a song that I end up singing for the next 20 or 30 years."

Sophie Ellis Bextor at 58, eh? Now that really would be enough to send anyone off to claim their free TV licence.

The album Trip The Light Fantastic is out now and the single Today The Sun’s On Us was released on August 6th. Sophie Ellis-Bextor's tour starts in Warrington on August 16th and ends ten dates later in Oxford in October.
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о, было бы здорово, если бы они вместе спели что-нть.
Она мне нравится, и у неё очень приятный голос)
Я из "бывших" :)


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