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Сообщение Ellll 02 сен 2010, 07:17

A video report from their visit to Rockheim can be seen here (starts after 13.30 minutes):
NRK Midtnytt 31.08.10
They also made a visit to Rockheim - the new interactive center/museum for Norwegian pop and rock, which opened earlier this month. The a-ha exhibit seems to be prominently featured at Rockheim, and Magne found some early Bridges photos that he had never seen before.

They are both touched by the reception they've been getting at the Norwegian concerts.

Morten: "It's special for us to be at home in Norway and be met like this. I'm proud of the band".

Magne: "There's a really good atmosphere, we can feel that we're being embraced and that this means a lot to people".


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